New Year. New Chances to eat with us!

My senior year of high school, I had a solid group of friends who came over every Friday I wasn’t working, after school. We would collectively buy snacks, stop by Blockbuster and pick up Half Baked and maybe one other movie, and completely take over the “tv” room. Sometimes I’d cook and sometimes we’d order pizza. It was so much fun and I promise you I know the movie Half Baked back and forth.
As we got older, the opportunities to hang out, came around a little less often. Game nights became a fun way to get together and eventually I was hosting game nights as often as once a month. Friends, family, food and fun, so much fun.
Paired with my love for food instilled by my Grandfather, this would grow to be my favorite way to hang out with friends and unknowingly the foundation for A Pinch of Salt Catering. 

Fast forward to 2019. A Pinch of Salt has been operating for 4 years. We have had many highs and many lows but we are always moving forward. This year we are setting off on a path to become an exclusive supper club. So in addition to our private chef and catering services, we will now be hosting small food experience.

Starting in February, you will have more opportunities to hang out with us. From menu tastings and brunches to Expos and Farmers Markets, and even “Date Nights” we have got some awesome things we are working on. We cannot wait for you to experience them!